10x10 Trade Show Display Rentals and Purchases

Our designs are flexible. Use the example below to mix and match design features to create a booth that works with your brand. Our 10x10 trade show exhibit rental options don't end here. Browse the options below to find the look you're going for, then contact our team to get a free design rendering of your own. We provide our rental exhibits in Los Angeles and all around the US.

Enviro Metro

The Enviro Metro 10x10 features a clean clear cut exhibit look. With rows of shelving and clean-cut layout, this exhibit helps differentiate itself from others. Adtiontially, the front pedestal helps to emphasize clear product placement. 

Path Partner

Path Partner is a great example of an endcap/corner exhibit. With stem lights to emphasize brand and meeting space located in the center for clients. This 10x10 is a great example of an endcap or corner exhibit. 


 Italgem 10x10 exhibit is a great example of product display. With three customized pedestals and three panel based background including stem lights. This exhibit helps present a fresh example of product display. 


The HiFun exhibit is great for a corner or end cap exhibit. With the use of slot panel back graphics and digital signage to project logo. Additionally, the stem lights help illuminate the back wall. This exhibit helps establish itself from a popup or single wall examples.  


Kailani 10x10 offers an exceptional exhibit. With sharp customized graphics and product shelving, this exhibit is a standout. The endcap layout also provides a great visual from both sides.  


Vistaar 10x10 is a great example of the use of digital monitors. With a clear layout and customized panel graphics, this exhibit provides an open atmosphere. Additionally,  the exhibit supports duel pedestals for product display and storage.  

Knowledge Solutions

The Knowledge Solutions exhibit is a great example of multi-use features. From product stand to monitors, duel pillars, stem lights and panel background. This 10x10 provides a varied use of exhibit features to improve the layout. 


Horn 10x10 exhibit is a great example of a simple custom panel back wall. The stem lights and clear graphics help emphasize the company logo. This example also provides space for product demos and conversating with clients due to its open spacing. 


The AlcoHoot 10x10 display is a great example of customer interface. With seating room and display/touch screen options for learning. This exhibit is a great example for a 10x10. The exhibit also includes options for storage and clear product display. 


The Movil 10x10 is a standout exhibit example. With stem lighting, pedestal, multiple meeting spaces and product displays. Along with pillars, customized back wall and printed overhang. The Movil creates a great product image. 


GlobalPSD 10x10 offers clear product brand and displays. With enclosed walls, shelving, meeting space and stem lighting. Along with the forward table used for storage and display area. GlobalPSD is a great example of how to use space in a 10x10. 


The Stuff exhibit is a great example of providing depth with a smaller exhibit. The custom slot panel side walls and back provide inserts for shelving. Additionally, the stem lights encapsulate the rear and provide clear product display. This 10x10 also has storage options with the front table area.    

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Find the design above that is closest to what you're going for. Reach out to our experienced team trade show professionals so that they can guide you through trade show rules and design regulations for your particular event.