From Design to Build

We have served thousands of clients. Take a look at some of them below before you start gathering ideas for your next trade show booth.


This booth rental was a 20x50 build that utilized its space with a large backdrop and logo combination. With multiple entrances and meeting spaces, this booth worked with Burlington's goals.


This custom booth purchase was a 20x30 designed specifically for CareWorks goals. The result was a beautiful space with nicely lit elements and fantastic colors.


This 20x20 rental booth has a circular top that utilizes all angles of the trade show floor. From design, to build the colors changed which happens often when clients are in a rebranding phase.


This custom booth purchase was a 10x10 design with a unique counter that worked as a product display. Veri tole the show with a small space and a bright backdrop that kicked up a lot of buzz.


This custom booth was a large, 50x50 booth build with inviting boundaries and fantastic hanging banners for a blue hue across the entire booth. Celgene gets attention from all angles of the show floor with a rentable triangular billboard in the center of their display.


This rental 10x20 trade show exhibit was for NBC/ Comcast. With a few minor tweaks before the actual build, this booth came out wonderfully with great contrast and lighting.

Oracle/ Livelook

This custom 10x10 booth purchase made for Live Look, who is now a part of Oracle, was a personalized space with a center lightbox and dual monitors on each bordering pillars.

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