10x20 Trade Show Display Rentals and Purchases

Our exhibits are flexible. Use the examples below to mix and match display elements to create a booth that works best with your brand. Our 10x20 trade show exhibit rental options don't end here. Browse the options below to find the look you're going for, then contact our team to get a free design rendering. We provide our rental exhibits in Los Angeles and all around the US.


Fluent 10x20 exhibit encompasses a great layout for an exhibit. With panel layout back wall which provides clear logo and text. Along with couches and duel meeting space options and a front reception area. This exhibit provides an open and clean layout for a 10x20.  


The Datwyler 10x20 option provides a unique layout option. With curved desk for reception area and enclosed meeting space for clients. This exhibit also makes use of stem lights, panels and milk plex glass. Additionally, the exhibit also boasts product displays through glass casing. Providing a unique exhibit layout. 


Vancore 10x20 offers a customized interactive style exhibit. To start, the furniture and monitor face opposite from crowd noise. Furthermore, the exhibit offers interactive learning area with three separate stations. Overall, the Vancore layout provides a great example of an interactive exhibit.   


WiPro is a well-lit example for a 10x20 exhibit. Through the use of led and pug lighting the customized back panels are clearly highlighted. Additionally, the exhibit offers a custom kiosk and desk with meeting space. Overall, this 10x20 WiPro exhibit offers a great example of lighting. 


Morpheus 10x20 is an example of a sleek exhibit option. Complete with meeting space, panel background and custom graphics. Along with digital monitor and front pedestal which can double as a storage option. This Morpheus is a sharp 10x20 exhibit. 


Impelsys 10x20 offers a great top finish and custom panel graphics. With a large reception area that has a custom backlit option. This 10x20 has an eye-catching effect, with monitor and pug based lighting.  


Amerihua is a great 10x20 retail booth. With 4 levels of shelving, slot wall inserts and 3 custom graphics pedestals. Additionally, this exhibit is backlit with stem lighting and duel custom panels. Finally, carpet flooring finishes it off. 


The Kinetic 10x20 provides a clean example of a medium-sized booth.  With a mix of pug and stem-based lighting to highlight the interior. In addition, custom shelving, pedestals and ample use of digital signage options are included. Kinetic 10x20 offers a great layout option.    


Purah 10x20 exhibit features a sleek and clean cut layout. With ample shelving and pulled forward center wall. Along with offering meeting space/reception area and open atmosphere. If you're interested in a standout both this is a great option. 


From the custom shelving, digital signage panels and hardwood flooring. The Tortuga exhibit provides an open layout complete with storage space monitors and duel reception areas. Other features include, the exhibit offers both pug and stem lighting options on this 10x20.  

B Kids

B Kids is a great example of a retail both. With 5 layers of shelving placed on wood slot panels and lower storage options. Furthermore, the center wall and frontal pedestal provide further storage options. 


ETiger is the ideal setup for a pharmaceutical exhibit. This 10x20 has clear graphics with customized infographic panels. It also features storage space and two pedestals for a reception area. This exhibit easily outmatches any popup or cloth backdrops. 


Marine is a great example of an eye-catching exhibit. With a gradient-based back panel and stem lighting. Along with duel meeting areas and a reception desk that doubles as a storage container.  This 10x20 is much better than an average popup. 


NBC 10x20 has a strong example of product display through the use of panels. The three meeting spaces and monitors help to use the space constructively. Furthermore, the exhibit provides an open spacing and clear reception area. 


This Terra 10x20 offers an effective use of spacing within a medium sized space. From storage, overhangs, kiosks, meeting space and more. The Terra example is a great format for a 10x20 exhibit spacing. 


With a custom finish and graphics, the 5one 10x20 is a unique option. From the duel podiums, product space area and storage closet options. This open 10x20 creates a walkable layout for clients to explore. 


IRG provides a rustic featured theme with a custom rock wall and hardwood flooring. This 10x20 offers multiple meeting space options through both table and couch areas. Additionally, the space provides multiple monitors for product description.  


MWE is a clean example of a 10x20 exhibit. The backlit graphics and custom graphics panels have an added effect. The exhibit also offers a meeting space and a reception area. Providing a great layout for 10x20. 


The Fyxteria 10x20 has a unique setup different from most. Ideal for a corner or endcap at a show, this booth encompasses many features. Two product display pillars and multiple meeting areas help to provide a personal touch. Additionally, the duel planters help to create a natural landscape for the exhibit. 

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