30x30 Trade Show Display Rentals and Purchases

Our booths are flexible. Use the design renderings below to mix and match booth display elements to create an image that works best with your brand. Our 30x30 trade show booth rentals are not limited to what you see here. Browse our images to find the look you're going for, then contact our team to get a free design rendering with your changes applied. We provide our displays in Los Angeles and all around the US.


Bravado 30x30 is a large exhibit design with an entire seating area. The back wall of the exhibit also includes four digital monitors that combine for a larger screen. Furthermore, the exhibit has two glass product displays located at the front. 


KPMG 30x30 is a large sized exhibit with excellent graphics. With twenty-five foot back wall and impressive panel graphics. This exhibit also includes two interactive kiosks and couch setting area. The exhibit also uses plants as a portion of the frontal area. 


The large-scale Honeywell 30x30 exhibit offers three interactive customer kiosks. Additionally, the exhibit offers and second-floor meeting room and large circular hanging sign. 


Sika 30x30 is one of the unique exhibits for the larger selection. With the second-floor meeting room and large circular hanging sign. On the exterior are Sika custom kiosks with grey carpeting. 


AVAAP is a 30x30 exhibit with an industrial color scheme and panel graphics. Included in the center is a desk area and couch seating for client sitdowns. The exhibit also includes square hanging sign and two archways. 


Brightcove 30x30 offers something that not many other exhibits do. This being an upper meeting room with a completed staircase. The exhibit also contains a complete reception area and duel outer facing kiosks. 


Litespeed 30x30 offers some very cool features for an exhibit. With four large-scale panel walls, a hanging sign and a semi-closed meeting space. In the back portion of the are duel product displays with stem lighting. 


Apollo 30x30 is a custom retail exhibit. Placed together with three large pillars surrounded by shelving options. The second half of the exhibit includes large-scale signage and a storage area for products. 

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Find the design above that is closest to what you're going for. Reach out to our experienced team trade show professionals so that they can guide you through trade show rules and design regulations for your particular event.