Large Trade Show Display Rentals and Purchases

Our large exhibits are flexible. Use the design renderings below to mix and match booth display elements to create an image that works best with your brand. Our larger trade show booth rentals are not limited to the designs below. Browse our images to find the look you're going for, then contact our team to get a free comprehensive design rendering with your changes applied. We provide our displays in Los Angeles and all around the US.


Meridian is an example of a large-scale exhibit. With a full seating area complete with monitor, and couches. Along with dual seating areas and massive standing signage design. 


Xstream is a very large sized exhibit option. With a top hanging sign, a localized seating area and central panel wall. This exhibit design offers a clean layout option for the larger exhibit setup. 


ISMS is a large scale exhibit with all the features of a large scale layout. With The interior of the exhibit acting as a reception area, a product display and storage spacing.  The exhibit also includes kiosks, tables and meeting area. A unique feature of this exhibit is with the half carpet half wood flooring. In total, this exhibit offers an interesting large scale layout. 


Amloid is a great example of a large-scale retail-based exhibit. With enclosed walls that provide multiple layers of shelving. Along with two shelved pillars, reception areas and central meeting space. Lastly, the exhibit uses large ten-foot paneling and hanging sign to be seen from distance. 

Spin Master

If you're looking for an example of a massive sized exhibit, Spin Master is an example. With multiple seating/meeting space options and panel based exterior wall. Additionally, a large scale circular signage holds this exhibit from afar. The exhibit also includes options for tables and raised platforms. In total, this exhibit is ideal for large-scale shows. 


WAI is a unique exhibit for our larger selections. With completed square hanging sign and seating areas. The backwall also doubles as a storage area for any extra products. 

Kids Preferred

Kids Preferred is a large scale exhibit option for retail shows. With the Circular hanging sign slot wall design for shelving space and stem light front. Additionally, the enclosed section provides reduced noise and ability focus one on one with clients. 

Sun Edison

With four hanging signs suspended from a metal frame, Sun Edison is a unique large exhibit. This exhibit offers multiple interactive display options and kiosks.  Additionally, the back wall of the exhibit provides semi-enclosed meeting spaces for clients. 


GAT is a great example of a large industrially modern exhibit. With Custom panel graphics making up half the exhibit and metal framing the other. The exhibit also offers a stage and multiple product display casings. A large monitor makes up another large portion of the exhibit. 


Arrow uses a ton of features included in many exhibits. Large circular hanging sign, product display pillars, seating area and shelving. Additionally, custom glass casings and rear storage provide a rear stem light section of the exhibit. 

Get Started

Find the design above that is closest to what you're going for. Reach out to our experienced team trade show professionals so that they can guide you through trade show rules and design regulations for your particular event.