20x30 Trade Show Display Rentals and Purchases

Our design options are flexible. Use the examples below to mix and match display elements to create a booth that works best with your brand. Our 20x30 trade show booth rentals are not limited to what you see here. Browse our options to find the look you're going for, then contact our team to get a free design rendering with your changes applied. We provide our displays in Los Angeles and all around the US.


KPMG 20x30 is a large formatted exhibit display. This exhibit includes backlit panel based background with multiple meeting spaces for client sitdowns. Additionally, the exhibit has multiple seating options for anyone attending the show. 


RPE 20x30 is very unique build and setup. With three pillars that have attached work area on the bottom. Along with reception area, seating options and two backrooms that could double as storage or meeting space. The RPE also includes a hanging sign and custom colored carpeting.   

Ali Fax

Ali Fax 20x30 contains everything needed for your tradeshow. From the reception area, duel outfacing monitors, along with meeting space and circular hanging sign. Additionally, the exhibit offers back wall paneling with storage. 


Colombina 20x30 is an industrial and open exhibit. With wide spacing and high walls to be seen from afar. This exhibit also includes circular hanging sign and exterior back pillar with stem lights.  


AIT has a different setup than most exhibits. With duel large meeting desks located on the far side, and duel meeting spaces with a circular hanging sign. This 20x30 is a great example for meeting clients. 


LabLabo is an example of a modern 20x30 exhibit. With two product display cases that are backlit for products. A central pillar made of panels and two display walls with stem lighting make up the rest. Additionally, the exhibit has two meeting spaces located in the exhibit.  


The Google 20x30 is perfect for an end line or corner portion in a show. The stem lights help illuminate the monitors and custom colored carpets. This exhibit also offers open features and access from multiple points. 


Inert 20x30 includes a hanging sign, entrance desk area and shelving options. This exhibit also includes pug lighting to illuminate products below it. Along with monitors to show products. 


ThermoPhos 20x30 is an industrial look exhibit. Metal framing, seating areas and four reception areas are included. The exhibit also has a circular custom signage and panel based middle area. 

Memorial City

With an enclosed exhibit type the Memorial City 20x30 is lavish. From duel meeting areas in the rear and interior reception area. Finally, the exhibit offers two retail sections located in the front. 


Konami is the prime example exhibit for a modern kids product. The exhibit provides vibrant custom panel graphics. Along with two back rooms that can double as storage or meeting space.  

Ins Zoom

Ins Zoom is a prime example of an industrially based exhibit. With metal framing and grey carpet. The exhibit also includes stool furniture options and seating area with a monitor. 


Megabass 20x30 is used for an impressive exhibit for a show. With the use of a hanging sign, duel pillars, and product display boxes. Furthermore, the back area doubles as large storage area.  


Devenish 20x30 is a large meeting space exhibit, With four examples of furniture and meeting space. Additionally, the exhibit offers storage with the back wall panels.  


AsmOdee 20x30 has all the features of a booth. From hanging sign, storage and enclosed back area. The exhibit also includes a reception area and pilar with company signage. 


VinChem 20x30 makes great use of the custom digital panels. With vibrant colors and tall design, it can be seen from afar. Furthermore, The exhibit offers black carpet to add color pop. 


Spreengs is a great example of an overhang based exhibit. With the bridged overlay located on the top and two side pillars. The exhibits also offer four reception areas to maximize client meetings. 

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Find the design above that is closest to what you're going for. Reach out to our experienced team trade show professionals so that they can guide you through trade show rules and design regulations for your particular event.